Your Citrus County Electrician

When it comes to letting someone into your house or business, you want to find someone you can trust. There are many companies that offer electric and low voltage services Citrus County. How do you know which one to pick? We’re here to help.

J. A. Floyd, Inc. is a locally owned company that specializes in Electric, Air Conditioning and Security Systems in Citrus County. We just completed our 18th year in business. You’ve probably seen our vans around town, at your neighbors house, your doctors office or many retail establishments.

We know that to make it in a small community like ours, a business has to be trustworthy, honest and do quality work. If you would like to hire a company you can trust and help to service you for many years to come, you’ve found the right place.

What do we offer?

Repair Work

Having a problem with an outlet not working?  Does that light keep flickering, even though you just put in new bulbs?  Does a breaker keep tripping in your panel and you don’t know why?

We can help with all these things, along with any other electrical problem you may be having. We perform repair work at a competitive hourly rate and if your call is going to take more then an hour, we’ll give you a quote before we proceed, so you don’t have to worry about running up a high repair bill.

Also, for a limited time, we are offering an additional 5% off any service repair.  Just mention our website advertisement AFTER we give you a quote and we’ll give you that additional 5% off!!!

Electrical Safety Inspections

Did you just purchase a new house or are considering purchasing one?  Has the power company or building department told you that you need an electrical safety inspection before power can be reconnected? Are you a realtor working with a bank that requires an inspection?

We can help with all these things.  Our technicians will do a complete survey of the electric system, including checking the grounding, the panel connections and the devices in your property.  We will put wire nuts on any loose wires and replace any broken or missing plates.

Adding New Items

Have you always wanted a light in a specific spot in your house?  Need a receptacle in a certain place, but don’t have any on that wall?  We can help you with all these things.  We can also replace existing lights, add new low voltage jacks and almost anything else that you can imagine.

Surge Protection

Living in Florida, we all know how quickly a lightning storm can occur.  It only takes one strike to take out your electronics.  We off several surge products including one that attaches directly to your electric panel, to help protect your home.

In Closing

Here at J. A. Floyd, Inc., our goal is to help our customer in any way that we can.  We are a state licensed electric, air conditioning and building contractor and perform service work in all phases.  Having these licenses allows us to cover a broad range of home repair services to offer.  If you need any type of repairs done at your home or business, just give us a call at 352-563-2962 or complete the contact form.  If we can’t help you, we will help point you in the right direction, free of charge.


The Daniel Family